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Gene Bianchi

Eugene Bianchi


Eugene C. Bianchi is a Professor of Religion Emeritus at Emory University. He was the first director of Emory's Emeritus College from 2001-2008.

With Peter McDonough he authored Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits ( University of California Press, 2002). Bianchi was in the Jesuit order for twenty years. He has published two novels: The Bishop of San Francisco : Romance, Intrigue and Religion (2005) and The Children's Crusade: Scandal at the Vatican (2008). His writings on the spirituality of aging include: Aging As a Spiritual Journey (1982), On Growing Older (1985), and Elder Wisdom: Crafting Your Own Elderhood (1994).

His many other books and articles are in the areas of spirituality, creative aging, church reform and issues of culture and religion. He recently published a memoir, Taking a Long Road Home (Wipf and Stock, 2011).

For the last decade he has been writing poetry and is in the process of organizing his poems for publication. Mr. Bianchi makes his home in Athens, Georgia, with his wife, Margaret (Peggy) Herrman.


Bianchi Books

My recently published memoir Taking a Long Road Home traces my spiritual formation in the context of many ups and downs as I struggle toward intellectual and moral awakenings. Reviewers praise the candor and insights of the memoir; you can read their reviews on this site. Readers remark that the memoir has helped them explore their own life journeys. My two novels, The Bishop of San Francisco and The Children's Crusade also reflect personal experiences while juxtaposing events in the Catholic Church with happenings in the wider world. Both books have drawn positive comments among readers from various religious and secular backgrounds. My three books on creative aging have been republished with new forewords: Aging as a Spiritual Journey, On Growing Older, Elder Wisdom: Crafting Your Own Elderhood. These three books will soon be available for downloading at nominal cost. You can read the first chapter of each book on this web site. Autographed copies are also available through this site.


I have been writing poems for many years. I would now like to share some of them with you. I am also working with a publisher to produce a volume of my poems. The themes cover many topics and express my own development into later years. I hope you will find them enjoyable and even stimulating. I welcome your own comments on the poems in the response sections provided.


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The Bishop Of San Francisco


The Children's Crusade

Aging as a Spiritual Journey


Elder Wisdom

On Growing Older


Taking A Long Road Home


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